70520-COE 90 Bullseye Class Pack

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A Great Value!!!

Fuser Pack:  Approx. 31 Sq.Ft. (45 #) of the right glass assortment for the fusing workshop.
Sheet Size/Quantity Variations:
- 10" x 10" - 45 sheets (OR) a mixture of 5"x10" and 10"x10" totalling approx 45# of glass (factory packed, no choice)
Glass Types:  Colorful mix of fusible Bullseye transparents, opalescents, iridescents, thins, & collage glasses (individually marked)
Weight:  51 Lbs. (box).
Shipping:  Via UPS or Fed Ex.

*Each pack will vary. Photo is not a 100% represntantion of what will be received. 

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©2016 Rainbow Art Glass - All rights reserved.

©2016 Rainbow Art Glass - All rights reserved.

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