13190-Morton Portable Glass Shop #PG15B

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All Morton System MIXABLE For Quantity Discount

A must have tool that makes glass cuts fast and accurate! Easily cut rectangles, squares, diamonds, triangles, or any other geometric shape. Works with any Morton System.

Use: All necessary items for creating a glass shop to work glass projects,
- Works with any Morton Surface (sold separately)
- Squaring Fence reverses for thick & thin glass, 
- Small Squaring Fence gives more space on Mini Surface,
- Extra Squaring Block makes it possible for setups on two surfaces,
- Glass Stops allow jumping from setup for diamonds or rectangles to strip cutting w/o resetting shop,
- Fast Angle fixtures are effective,
- GS Ruler has both inch & millimeter scales (tempered aluminum & accurate),

- Fence Extension
- 15" Cutting Bar           
- Squaring Fence    
- Shuttle Strip
- Angle Settings
- Cutter Slide
- Small Squaring Fence
- Squaring Block (2)         
- Bar Locks (2)
- GS Ruler
- Cutter Gauge
- Glass Stops (3)
- Bar Spacer
- Angle Copy
- 120o Fast Angle
- 60o Fast Angle
- 90o Fast Angle
- Foil Tape (for repair)


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©2016 Rainbow Art Glass - All rights reserved.

©2016 Rainbow Art Glass - All rights reserved.

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